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So on my way to work yesterday, I came up the escalator at the Metro station to find that a train was just pulling in. The guy ahead of me was going slow and blocking my way, so as soon as I got off the escalator, I ran around him and headed for the second car, which drops me off right at the bottom of the stairs at Union Station (where I get off).

As I bounded along, I felt something catch and then pop free at the bottom of my pelvis, where my butt joins my leg. Man, it hurt!

And still hurts, although it's a little better this morning, after some Alleve overnight. From info I found online, it looks like I may have slightly torn the tendon(s) at the top of the various hamstring muscles, which attach at that point.

So here I am, literally butt hurt. Ow.

Gotta remember that I'm too old (or at least, not in good enough shape) to be running for trains. :-(

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The day before a primary election is NOT a good day to stay home sick and try to get some rest.

The constant get-out-the-vote robocalls are the direct cause of the mini-tantrum I just had where I manually shredded the Official Democratic Party Poll that showed up in the mail.

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I took the day off for a couple of medical appointments and ran some errands mixed in between ... was going to finish by hitting the vet's office for some more cans of pricey "kidney diet" cat food for the critter, but apropos of nothing decide to call and see what their hours were today. And lo and behold, they are closed the first Thursday of every month "for training." Lucky, huh? My iPod agreed:


Cut for med etc. details, including mild ladybits stuff )

ETA: At the end of this Salon intervew, Merchant talks about "Wonder" and what it has come to mean for some people. And yeah, I got a little teary watching the video just now, especially in the light of the positive outcomes today.

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Just in time for the beautiful spring weather that's finally arrived. :-(
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Self, although you identify strongly with the 20-something guys in your favorite reading material (of various types), you are actually a 55-year-old woman who has been off her game for the past few months because of health issues.

This means that if you are suddenly struck by the fact that there is a waist-high counter in front of the primping mirror in the women's restroom at work, and there is absolutely no one around, and you wonder whether you can still clear that counter with a front snap kick, your body is not going to appreciate it when you try it to see.

The ligament on the lower inside of my left knee (the medial collateral ligament, I think, from the diagram I found online) is only just a little bit sore this morning, although I was hobbling for a bit last night. (And yes, I did clear the counter with my kick. Go me — you silly person you!)

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We had our usual New Year's Eve date, a luxurious gourmet dinner at my friend Michael's. He loves to cook, and his wife Sharon makes the sweets. We had:

  • Ceviche of grouper and scallops
  • Salad of beets and goat cheese mousse with coffee (powdered, sprinkled on the mousse) and microgreens
  • Squash mezzaluna (filled pasta crescents) with hazelnut butter
  • "Duck, Duck, Goose" - roast duck breast, duck sous vide with the skin crisped, and goose liver pate, with Hoisin sauce and "Asian slaw" of vegetables, apples, and pears
  • Cheeses with salty biscuits and gingersnaps: petit Basque ewe's milk, red Leicestershire, Le Fromager des Clarines, Long Clawson Limited Edition Stilton (only 100 of these were made)
  • Black Forest Boule de Neige (dense chocolate cake with kirsch and cherries, covered with whipped cream); lemon bars with Chambourg cream; chocolate peanut butter pretzel bites and pecan turtles

Each course had wines, most of which I did not touch (not so good with the meds).

Today we had our usual New Year's Day date, a brunch at my friend Kat's that starts with a core of bagels and lox and then spins out to encompass whatever people bring. The Young Lady made pumpkin streusal muffins, [ profile] smillaraaq made soft rolls, and I brought a bag of clementines (hey, the kitchen was all busy and I was doing paperwork!).

And I lost a crown on one of my back molars. That will teach me not to eat fleur-de-sel caramels.


Fortuitously, the host had some over-the-counter dental adhesive, so it's stuck back in for now. I'm trying not to chew on that side.

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The good news was the my stress echocardiogram was fine and so was my blood pressure.

The bad news was that my work computer died on me at the end of the day, just before I could finish something that needed to be ready for my early-shift colleague in the morning.

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"Many of you have heard that the Susan G. Komen Foundation (the folks who do all that pink-related branding regarding breast cancer) is withdrawing its financial support from Planned Parenthood, which in the past did breast cancer screening and education for lots of poor women with funds offered by the Foundation. The Komen folks swear their choice to do this is not politically motivated ... ."

- SF Author John Scalzi

You can read the rest at Scalzi's blog, Whatever. And if you like his writing or were thinking of trying his stuff, he has arranged to give the proceeds of the sales of his eBooks for the next week to Planned Parenthood. He has links for lists of the books in question on the blog.

And if that's not your cup of tea, or you don't yet do eBooks (*raises hand*), you might consider giving Planned Parenthood a donation.

And if you have religious or other reasons not to support Planned Parenthood, then you might do some legwork of your own and try to find some other organization that will provide these types of services for poor women - and give them a donation. Because fewer poor women are going to be able to get these services now that SGK has cut off their contributions to PP.

Thanks, you all.

— cho (stage 1 breast cancer diagnosed September 2007; post-lumpectomy, wide re-excision, and radiation; Tamoxifen therapy continuing)

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Today and yesterday were both warm as all get-out (for January, anyway), but there was a cold spell before that, which meant my skin got dry, which meant I had to break out the lotion etc.

Which brought me face-to-face (or perhaps arm-to-arm, since I'm OK for facial moisturizer for the moment) with the fact that I'm running out of my two favorite products, and I know that one of them has been entirely discontinued, and I'm starting to worry about the other one. I could probably do quite well with unscented stuff billed as hypoallergenic, but I like the idea of nice-smelling stuff to smear on. The problem is, so many scents and scented products give me problems of various sorts.

Cut for whinage and mild rantage )

Manually crossposted because I forgot again ... .

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February is Heart Month, and today is Wear Red Day, to draw attention to heart disease in women.

You may not think you know any women who are affected by heart disease, but yes you do, because you know me. XD I had an angioplasty more than 20 years ago, at the tender age of 31. I was pretty active and only a bit overweight, but heart disease runs in my family.

I decided to post this today after hearing about the death of Melissa Mia Hall.

Of course, heart disease was only the thing that actually killed her - she really died of a lack of health care and the insurance to pay for it.

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Finally, a health post that I don't have to lock down - even though it is something like #47 in the series of "How cho is not like other people."

In most people, myopia (near-sightedness or short-sightedness) is caused by lengthening of the front-to-back axis of the eyeball.

But it turns out that mine isn't. And this is actually something of a good thing.

Cut for more info, including possibly squicky details of lengthy eye exam )
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This is the regular ol' seasonal flu shot, not the N1H1 swine thingy.

>shows off sore arm with the enthusiasm of an 8-yr-old<

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Real world to doubters: it's not in their heads. Medical research now links this devastating condition to a retrovirus:

A Case of Chronic Denial (New York Times)

(Tip of the hat to PG, commenting on Alas, A Blog.)

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Reply to this meme by yelling "Words!" and I will give you five words that remind me of you. Then post them in your LJ and explain what they mean to you. These are the words given to me by redbrunja:

Saiyuki, underwear meta, breast cancer, timed writing, East coast )
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... but I signed up for a pinch hit. A favorite character in a favorite series, for which I'd already imagined an appropriate scene for my own amusement some time ago - and it sounds like said scene would be right up recipient's alley.

I should be OK as long as I stick to that one scene (and not allow it to explode from 1,000 to more than 7,000 words, like my main Yuletide assignment did).

In related news, I am still sick.

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Yesterday I spent close to two hours digging out of the bottom of my compost bins. Last year, when I was out of commission, the Mr. did it, and he just piled it up near the bins. I don't know whether that encouraged the evil English ivy to grow into the bins, but the older bin, especially, was a wad of tiny rootlets, and it was hard to get anything out. Still, I got out about a dozen pails-ful, and poked and turned the upper stuff a little so that it fell down into the empty spaces I'd just made. Then I started planting bulbs, with lots of nice compost in the holes, but didn't finish. I have 30 narcissus (3 kinds), 20 crocus, 20 miniature iris, and 10 squills (pushkinia). The narcissus need to be 4-6 inches inches apart from each other, and the ground is tough - it's ground that's now getting some sun since the big dead oak came down and no one's dug in it for decades at least.

So today my hands and forearms are all stiff and sore. But I was outside in the daylight for about 3 hours, so that's got to be good. I hope to plant the rest at the end of the week, when I'm off for Thanksgiving.

And on Saturday I got a therapeutic lamp for phototherapy for Seasonal Affective Disorder. Man, that thing is bright! I have it in the kitchen because the first thing I do on weekdays is made breakfast and pack lunch for the Young Lady.

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... about the plantar fasciitis in my left foot. And he basically said "Well, our Round 1 therapies haven't been effective, so I have several possible things you could do for Round 2." And in the interest of efficicacy and time-saving, I opted to ...

Cut to spare the squeamish )

Anyway, it's still a bit achy, but he said it should improve rapidly. And I'm also supposed to see about physical therapy twice a week for 4 weeks or so.

Now if this stupid cough I picked up in Cophenhagen would just go away! It seems to be fading, but it's slow.

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I came back from Katsucon about 3:00pm on Sunday, and by midnight (despite a nap) felt wretched and was going through Kleenex like I had most of my savings sunk into their stock. There followed low-grade fever (100-101°F) and really nasty aching muscles that made it torture to go up and down the stairs - it felt like I was carrying a 40-lb. pack. Now I'm just tired and still sniffling a bit. But the Young Lady has it now, too. Interestingly, she has a higher fever (which is typical of children - but she's not much of a child at this point ...) and hardly any aches.


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Because I was tired and icky and I think my body has had it with the medical activities. Only 3 more sessions to go ... . I came home after today's session and played Civ for about 30 minutes and read a fic I had saved offline and then went back to bed and slept for about 4 hours!

We already get lots of junk mail because I shop online, so all those places (and those places' buddies) send us their dead-tree catalogs. To that mass has recently been added college mailings for the Young Lady. Thank God we have curbside recycling, is all I have to say!

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