chomiji: Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach in his Hollow form, with the caption Surprise! (ichigo hollow-surprise!)

This year's jack-o-lantern:

A carved jack-o-lantern, lit with a candle

I'm filled with nostalgia for Halloweens of the recent past, during which I spent the evening alternately giving out candy to the neighborhood kids and writing flashfics for trick-or-treating online fan-friends. I don't have the energy; don't know how I did it then, either.

chomiji: Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach in his Hollow form, with the caption Surprise! (ichigo hollow-surprise!)

Just went with the flow this year. The pumpkin had a nasty spot in the back, but no one will see it. Also, my big camera is messed up - I dropped it while I was in Cape Cod. And the phone camera just isn't as good for dim light.

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chomiji: Boxes of sweet cherries, blackberries, and strawberries from our local farmers market, with the caption Real Food (Real food)

things from the local farmers market; read rest of post for details

Clockwise from upper left: country white bread, eggs, fresh basil, new yellow potatoes, blueberries, two kinds of tomatoes (still greenhouse-grown: local field tomatoes are only just setting their first fruit now), blackberries, sweet cherries, strawberries, more blueberries, and a miniature struan bread loaf.

There likely would have been a couple more things, but it started raining. So we decamped to Mark's Kitchen, where we were joined by our daughter for brunch.

(An odd thing: the icon here is displayed less effectively than it is on LJ. I've never noticed this phenomenon before, but that typeface, Pristina, has very distinct "thicks and thins," and the white-on-dark seems to have made the issue easier to spot as well. The type looks fuzzier here. WTF?)

chomiji: A hand with a large paintbrush, painting a wall: the painted area looks like a blue sky with fluffy white clouds (Create)

So how tough is cutting custom mats? We have a nice local framing shop, and we like to buy local, but I just got two tiny watercolors (see more from the series she did here), inspired by some pix from my garden that I posted on FB. On the two she sent me, the quote is split between the two. So I would need a mat with a double opening to frame them together (either that, or two tiny separate frames).

I just know that getting them framed will cost beaucoup de bucks. And I haven't been doing anything crafty recently.

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chomiji: A cartoon image of chomiji, who is holding a coffee mug and a book and wearing kitty-cat ears (Gojyo  - King of Hearts)

Here on DeviantArt. Go look through his Reimagined Superheroes gallery too - he has tons of other cool things, including Jazz Age JLA Villains.

(Thanks to [ profile] swan_tower)

chomiji: The chief crocodile from Pearls Before Swine, uselessly  clicking a remote: "I can't brain today, I have the dumb" (Croc - no brain)

But I've been browsing around DeviantArt and found something tasty for those who ship Ukoku/Koumyou in Saiyuki.

Clickez for picture by Yoroux.

chomiji: Yukimura from Samurai Deeper Kyo, smiling and clapping his hands. Caption: Happiness (Yuki-happy)

lady_ganesh's friend box (who has, hmmm, adopted the same journal style as I have right now ... I was confused there for a minute) has finished her drawing of my current RPG character, and I am very happy with the result. It's just in time for our session this Saturday, too. Say hello to Hoshi Canid Mendel:

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chomiji: Saiyuki's Hakkai with a pile of clean laundry and sparkles (Hakkai - fresh & clean)

Also called "cho plays with gradients and Photoshop brushes."

clickez for graphics )

... too much fun! Now I have the peony 58 one on the phone, but I have tried all of them.

chomiji: Chibi of Saiyuki's Hazel with a sad face and the caption Me haz no love (Hazel - no love!)

Well, the question of whether I should participate in Yuletart or not is now moot, because I missed the deadline for signing up.


chomiji: Gojyo from the manga Saiyuki, with the heart and letter K from the King of hearts in a deck of cards (Gojyo - hearts)

Of course, to me, the Four Questions start with Ma nishtana ha-lailah hazeh ... . However, the meme has something a little more personal in mind! It goes like this:

  • Leave me a comment saying "Resistance is Futile."
  • I'll respond by asking you four questions so I can satisfy my curiosity
  • Update your journal with the answers to the questions.
  • Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions

lady_ganesh asked me:

  1. Who's your favorite character to write?

    Has to be Gojyo from Saiyuki! I think he lets the inner me come out and play.

  2. What's your favorite offline hobby?

    The Young Lady heard me ask this outloud and said it has to be reading. I'll add photography - although that goes online once I post the pix to Flickr.

  3. Do you go to conventions? (I can't remember.) Is there one you want to go to?

    I do like to go to cons sometimes. I used to run tournaments at gaming cons. Now I hang out and take pictures of people in costumes. I've gone to Katsucon the last couple of years and hope to do so again in 2010.

  4. What's your favorite fannish possession?

    After the actual books and manga themselves, it has to be my big print of this picture (pefectly worksafe; click on the image once you get there so you can see the whole thing properly). telophase drew/painted this for me! I won her in a charity auction, and asked for something with four mysterious shop keepers from manga/manhwa. We have this framed and hanging in the dining room.

chomiji: A cartoon image of chomiji, who is holding a coffee mug and a book and wearing kitty-cat ears (tohru - blush)

This is all telophase's fault, because she made me remember that I had done these once upon a time (ca. 1978 or 1979, as an undergrad at U.Va.).

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chomiji: The four main characters fro the manga Saiyuki, with the caption On the road again (saiyuki - road)

All the cool kids are doin' it ... like louiselux and kispexi2. So I'll spam everyone with some favorite Saiyuki pix as well!

Actually, I had the problem that my favorite pics of individual guys are picked out of group shots ... still, there were an awful lot of nice shots,and it was hard to pick.

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chomiji: Yukimura from Samurai Deeper Kyo, smiling and clapping his hands. Caption: Happiness (Yuki-happy)

telophase has finished the picture I won from her in the Sweet Charity auction a while back. It is the most gorgeous thing! Check it out here, and also see her notes about how it came about - what I prompted, and what happened after that - because I think it was an interesting process.

And I have won the story that emungere offered on the livelongnmarry auction, which closed in the wee hours of the morning! I need to come up with something really good in the way of an idea ... probably I will do a few ideas, as I did for the picture, and hope that one really hits home.

(A digression - or perhaps not - on the subject of creativity on demand: In my gaming heyday, when I ran tournaments at cons and stuff, someone once asked me what type of roleplaying scenario I liked best as a player myself: Tolkien-ish? Oriental fantasy? SF? Urban noire fantasy? Spy? My answer was: "If the gamesmaster is good, then whatever the gamesmaster enjoys running the most."


chomiji: Yukimura from Samurai Deeper Kyo, smiling and clapping his hands. Caption: Happiness (Yuki-happy)

Exactly a month ago, I posted that this wonderful manga/anime art resource had gone under because of financial difficulties: she was starting to have to pay too much for hosting. Fortunately, she took the suggestion of a number of her fans and put up donation buttons for donations via PayPal (on the upper left of the gallery page linked below or on the bottom of main Aethereality site page). I view it is a subscription of sorts - I'm happy to put something into the hat because I've used her materials so often.

Anyway, if you make icons or wallpapers or banners and haven't checked this out, you should - she has some lovely stuff:

Aethereality Gallery

And of course, if you use her stuff and can afford to donate, please do ... .

chomiji: Hotaru from Samurai Deeper Kyo, a little closer to Kyo's blade Tenrou than he'd like, with the caption Uh Oh Crap  (Hotaru-uh oh!)

Folks, you may recall me recommending the manga art gallery at as a resource for making icons, etc. I haven't been able to get into it for a couple of weeks, and I just found out why. Posted on main page of the site is this notice:

Aethereality Gallery is now closed. It is using way too much CPU resource for shared hosting that Dreamhost can no longer support.

By "resource", I'm not talking about space or bandwidth. I have plenty of those already. Unless I have $40 to shell out for private server hosting each month, which I don't, I can't bring the gallery back. Sorry.

I've told her (as have several other users) that I'd be willing to help pay for this to be back up. If anyone else has any suggestions for her, please let her know. This was an amazing resource, and it's terrible that it's gone!

chomiji: A cartoon image of chomiji, who is holding a coffee mug and a book and wearing kitty-cat ears (manji-badass)

I was looking for some examples of Hiroaki Samura's art work for the discussion of manga in the comments of my previous post, and I came across this picture (set up to pop in a separate window or tab), which is frickin' adorable! The only thing is, I don't recognize all the female characters who are shown in school costumes. From the left, I see Hyakurin as the teacher, then Rin, Makie, and Doa, but who are the other three?

chomiji: Kami-sama form Saiyuki with angel's wings and the caption, Angels we have heard on high ... (Kami-sama - angel)

It's definitely That Time of Year, for better or worse:

At the first sign of Solstice, I assembled all my stuff:

12 bows like pompoms
11 rolls of foil
10 spools of ribbon
9 bows that pop up
8 rolls of Kraft
7 sheets of stickers
6 books of art wrap
5 Hannukah rolls!
4 spools of silk cord
3 rolls of scotch tape
2 art tissue packs
and some sharp scissors with the long blades!

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