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Damn, I keep missing people's (and communities') posts on LJ/DW! I can't really figure out why, either. They have both slowed down enough that it should be easy to click through a day's posts.

I think part of the part of the problem may be the behavior of the things I have as feeds on the two sites. Sometimes they won't post for a day or two, and then they'll dump a lot at once. The result is I'll be flipping through my reading list/friends feed and hit something I know I've read already, and then I'll stop. And in some cases, I've read it already at the source blog or site itself (like Scalzi's Whatever) instead of on LJ/DW.

I'm going to try to do a better job of combing though these things more carefully. I keep missing beta requests on Fan Grammarians as well as posts on things like the Weiss v. Saiyuki writing challenge comm.

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Did LJ crash? Or get DDOS-ed again?

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This morning, my friends page used my journal style, as it damn well should.

Now it's showing some stupid newish thing that looks vaguely like the mobile feed. But it's apparently NOT the new default view of the thing, because I have a button at the top to switch to the new thing.

OH. Its URL is not the right one!

It's But ... that's what I get when I click the Friends link at the very top. AND the friends link on my actual LJ.

If I edit that to the old URL, I get what I should:

Is anyone else seeing this?

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So LJ sent me a response that actually makes a certain amount of sense to me, on the basis of some issues we've had at work with external database services:

At the time your request was opened, some new IP addresses Dreamwidth began using to crosspost to LiveJournal had been blocked by automated processes. These have since been removed, and Dreamwidth's IP addresses are whitelisted within our system. If you are still having issues with this, LiveJournal does not offer support for Dreamwidth's crossposter; you will need to contact Dreamwidth's support department for assistance with any problems remaining with this feature.

Of course, they're being somewhat shirty about DW, but that sort of IP issue is something I've encountered previously where two services are supposed to be working together online. But I was having the problem again this afternoon ... I guess I will send this info to DW's sys admin folks, although I imagine they know already.

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things from the local farmers market; read rest of post for details

Clockwise from upper left: country white bread, eggs, fresh basil, new yellow potatoes, blueberries, two kinds of tomatoes (still greenhouse-grown: local field tomatoes are only just setting their first fruit now), blackberries, sweet cherries, strawberries, more blueberries, and a miniature struan bread loaf.

There likely would have been a couple more things, but it started raining. So we decamped to Mark's Kitchen, where we were joined by our daughter for brunch.

(An odd thing: the icon here is displayed less effectively than it is on LJ. I've never noticed this phenomenon before, but that typeface, Pristina, has very distinct "thicks and thins," and the white-on-dark seems to have made the issue easier to spot as well. The type looks fuzzier here. WTF?)

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ETA: Back up again now! That was fast!

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I first encountered [ profile] mjlayman at [personal profile] james_davis_nicoll's place on LJ a couple of years ago. We discovered that we lived on opposite sides of the same city, and after that we had little chats from time to time on each other's LJs.

I just found out that she passed away earlier this week, leaving behind her two kitties, Junie and Loki. We had talked about going out for Peking Duck together, and now it will never happen. *sigh*

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Not sure how that happened ... I just logged in again and all the LJ-supplied labeling is in Cyrillic characters.

UPDATE: Whee, I found the selector on my Profile (the underlying URLs for the sections are still in English) and switched it back. My, that was odd.

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Crumb buns.


It was fine earlier today, but they do mention issues at the site status link. Downrightnow shows that the thing has been up and down again all day.

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From [ profile] astronewt on [ profile] lj_releases:

More information on Friends feed, plus paid account information

A better response than I had feared ... and yet, as many have noted, why is this not in LJNews?

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OK, It's actually an LJ meme, but many of the DW folks who'll be reading it are former LJers, anyway. Seen at [ profile] evilchuckles's place:

So, chomiji, your LiveJournal reveals…

You are… 1% unique, 24% peculiar, 46% interesting, 21% normal and 9% herdlike (partly because you, like everyone else, enjoy writing). When it comes to friends you are popular. In terms of the way you relate to people, you are keen to please. Your writing style (based on a recent public entry) is conventional.

Your overall weirdness is: 31

(The average level of weirdness is: 28.
You are weirder than 69% of other LJers.)

Find out what your weirdness level is!

OK, then!

The writing journal was rated as weirder, with an "intellectual" writing style. I'm wondering what they're using to derive that rating. The fact that most of my recent actual content on that journal has been on other sites (like AO3) - I just post the summaries and links to the LJ - may have something to do with it.

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I can't build polls here because I'm still on a free account (I should do something about that - a certain nice person sent me a present that should have nudged me into paid status a while back). But I am curious about something. I don't always get right back to respond to comments on my posts. I sometimes have a feeling that people have moved on when I do get back to the comments and and thus they may never see my responses.

So I have a poll over at my LJ about that, if you're willing to let me know about how likely you are to see my responses to your comments if some time has passed since the original post.

Poll here.

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From post here and a couple of brief mentions I've seen.

If you have one that you're meaning to keep and haven't posted for a long while, go put a status message or something up there.

How long is a long while?

To clarify, an inactive personal journal refers to any journal that has not been logged into for two consecutive years using any method of logging in, such as logging in while posting a comment, AND contains either no posts at all or only the LiveJournal welcome post. An inactive community refers to any community that has either no posted entries or only the LiveJournal welcome post. We also want to let you know that a journal purged for inactivity will NOT have its external content purged. This means that any comments that journal posted outside the journal and any community entries that journal made will remain visible even if the inactive journal is purged. After we finish purging suspended accounts, we'll be notifying inactive account holders to let them know if their journal or community is slated for purging. Users will be emailed three times over the course of six weeks. In addition, once an inactive account is deleted, the user will have 30 days to undelete.

- The "Rules" Referenced in the Link Above

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I think this only works for LJ, folks ... .

In 2012, chomiji resolves to...
Tell my family about sara bareilles.
Keep my gojyoxhakkai clean.
Backup my infp regularly.
Buy new gurps.
Eat more rabbits.
Take evening classes in hakkaixgojyo.

Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

I will not, I repeat - WILL NOT - eat bunnies. (Although I find it hilarious that it came up with that particular choice for that verb ... .)

Also, I believe that many of you would be quite disappointed if I kept my Gojyo × Hakkai clean!

(And I already told my family about Sara Bareilles ... but I would take those classes in a heartbeat!)

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A couple of items I found by searching Google note that elections for the Duma, the Russian congress/parliament, are December 4. If the DDOS is politically backed (which is likely), I imagine that we can expect problems at least through that date.

Long live free speech, and the Russian bloggers who are trying to exercise it!

ETA: The Guardian also thinks that the elections are the issue in the current DDOS attack.

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I have no idea whether it's a DDOS attack again, but I am getting those same Varnish Error 503 messages! (And it's not just me ... downrightnow and twitter and their FB page are full of people reporting the same.)


ETA: Back again! That was fast. Some of them were on the Facebook page, giving reassurances and apparently taking notes, because it's running again. And the status message got changed appropriately too.

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Why Have Hackers Hit Russia's Most Popular Blogging Service?

My feelings about this are complicated. LJ is a business and also their personnel can be jerks about things. But LJ as a community has been a very important thing for me for the past several years, and to many people in Russia, it's the only public place where they can get a variety of truths other than the official line.

In any case, LJ seems to be partway up - I can now get it on all the browsers and platforms that I expect. And at the moment, it's certainly not any slower than poor DW, which is having its own issues.

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Clearing caches and all that didn't help. What finally did help was going into my Preferences and manually removing all the cookies from LJ.

It's still slow and balky as all get-out - Safari is working better in that regard - but somehow the fact that I got in makes me much happier.

(Especially after someone managed to stick a spam comment on my LJ ... when I still couldn't get in!)

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LJ Status was just updated:

We can now publicly disclose that we have been experiencing a large-scale DDoS attack the last two days, which has been the reason for the site issues most users have been experiencing. The traffic load has been immense, at many times our normal load level, and the attack is still on-going. We are in constant contact with our providers to mitigate the attack as best as possible. We again apologize for the disruption to LiveJournal usage, and are working to get everything back to normal as soon as we can. Thank you!

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