chomiji: Sai, the courtly, go-playing Heian ghost, playing a flute - from Hikaru no Go (Sai - music)

Yes, it's stereotypical marital sex roles all the way down, but it still sounds like summer to me:

chomiji: A cartoon image of chomiji, who is holding a coffee mug and a book and wearing kitty-cat ears (Muramasa - food)

Have just returned from back-to-back outdoor social events featuring mass quantities of food. Am covered with sweat, sunscreen, and (on my ankles) bug bites, and am much too well fed.

Party A featured mainly cold foods, including slices of sandwich wraps, salads, cold meats, and fruit, followed by ice cream and very nice lemon poundcake. Party B featured flame-grilled hamburgers and hotdogs, spicy pork ribs, veggie crudites, and potato and cucumber salads, followed by strawberry and peach shortcakes and [ profile] smillaraaq's very evil chocolate brownies.

I am in a food-induced stupor.

chomiji: Chibi of Mibu no Hotaru from Samurai Deeper Kyo, in a swimsuit and in flames (hotaru-too hot!)

On the way to the Metro this morning, I saw a tiger swallowtail butterfly. I haven't seen one in years. The cicadas were shimmering and simmering zim-zim-zim from the trees. The August Moon hostas will be coming into bloom: my late father called them August lilies and told me that they bloomed especially for my birthday. I knew he was joking.

August: the dog days of summer, when time seems to stand still. And this year I will be 51 years old. And ... I hate hot weather.

(More frivolously: it's dead easy to find a picture of a dog wearing sunglasses on Flickr Creative Commons.)

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