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Got very little serious reading done this week Because Reasons (sad RL event).

I read the openings to This Is Real and You Are Completely Unprepared, which I mentioned last week, and Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking by Susan Cain (which I had forgotten that I'd bought a couple of weeks ago to support our local bookstore after killing some time there between appointments). More power of concentration will be needed to continue with either.

I read volumes 2 and 3 of the manga A Silent Voice, and now I am on the horns of a dilemma. The mangaka has ticked me off in a couple of ways, and even though I love the idea of the story and have become very fond of Shoko's tough, neglected tomboy little sister, I may decide to abandon the series, which rarely happens with me.

First, ex-bully Shoya is trying to arrange for more friends for his former victim, Shoko. The first girl he digs up is at Shoko's request, a girl who was kind to Shoko when they were all in middle school and who ended up getting bullied herself. That works out well enough that Shoya sometimes feels a bit of a third wheel around them. So when he encounters another former middle school classmate about whom he has no definite negative memories, he assumes that she's another potential friend. Actually, she is a manipulative little schemer in a very stereotypically Mean Schoolgirl way, and I cringe away from the book whenever she's on the page. (Can you tell that I was bullied in middle school for befriending a girl who was in Special Education?)

Then, the author introduces a Profound Misunderstanding between Sho and Sho, just so things will become even sadder. It takes a really good author to do this without pissing me off. Yoshitoki Ōima is simply not on that level. See, the two of them are starting to understand each other pretty well in sign language ... so instead, Shoko suddenly decides that she has to start trying to speak aloud! And won't go back to Sign even when it's clear that Shoya does not understand the Startling Confession she has just made!

I swear, I was grinding my teeth when that happened.

Does anyone know if things improve in this series?

On an even more frivolous note, I also started reading fanfiction for Stand Still, Stay Silent.

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So I'm loading my iPad Mini with favorite stories. Stories that are on AO3 are easy: I download them as ePub files and then I can open them in iBooks.

Stories that aren't on AO3 were a bit more challenging. But then I discovered Pocket. Pocket captures HTML files and puts them on your mobile device so you can look at them when you have no connectivity. I've downloaded four files, and it seems to work like a champ. One of the great things about it, from my point of view, is that it downloads them as clean HTML with minimal layout, graphics, etc.

One problem is, it uses whatever the HTML page title was. This is not always a good thing: if the LJ or DW entry with your story was titled something generic rather than the actual title of your story, then the Pocket copy will be titled that way too. And there's no way to edit the titles, although that seems to be something that lots of users are requesting, so maybe someday.

Anyway ... this ends my commercial for Pocket. We'll see how it pans out when I put, say, all 27 chapters of "Cupidity" on the Mini.

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Questions were being asked on the LJ Yuletide comm about importing stories from the old Yuletide archive. An AO3 rep has replied with what amounts to an official FAQ on the subject, which might be of use to many, and not just Yuletide participants.

Read it here.

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