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Introducing the ULTIMATE FANFIC TROPE SHOWDOWN v3.1!!! (See end for link and advice on using it.)

My top results:

Rank Name (of Trope)
1 Loyalty Kink
2 Found Families
3 Hurt/Comfort
4 Friends to Lovers
5 Enemies to Friends to Lovers
6 Hot Single Parent(s)
7 Fairy Tale/Mythology AU
8 Accidentally Fell In Love With The Mission Target
9 Snowed-In Cabin/Isolated Together For Extended Period of Time
10 And They Were Roommates!
Rank Name (of Trope)
11 'Falling For A Coworker/Teammate Is A Bad Idea' Except This Is Fiction So It Works Out
12 Royals/Political Marriage Turns Into Feelings
13 They Break Up (but then They Get Back Together)
14 High School/University AU
15 Magical Connection (Telepathy, etc)
16 Vampires/Werewolves AU
17 Supernatural Creature/Human Romance
18 Daemons
19 Soulmate Identifying Marks (Tattoo, Red Thread of Fate, etc)
20 Fake Dating/Fake Marriage Accidentally Turns Into Feelings
21 Characters Swap Roles AU (I don't mean in the bedroom)
22 Coffee House AU/Food Service AU
23 'They All Work In An Office' AU
24 Unusually Specific Occupation AU, Like, The Author Clearly Has The Same Job
25 Seemingly Unrequited Pining
26 Pride and Prejudice AU
27 Adopting/Raising a Baby
28 Reincarnation/'25 Lives' AU
29 Hogwarts AU
30 Amnesia Fic
31 Polyamory
31 'Groundhog Day'/Karmic Time Loop
33 Body Swapping
34 Actually Unrequited Pining
35 Selfcest (possibly due to time travel)
36 'Everyone is Evil'/Mirrorverse AU
37 A/B/O

Whoa, shocker. I do think that "And they were roommates" is too high and "Supernatural Creature/Human Romance" is too low.

The first time through, the results were No Good. As suggested, avoid picking "I like both" or "No opinion."

Try it here~!

Hat tip: [personal profile] sholio

Date: 2019-02-10 05:57 pm (UTC)
lauand: (Gojyo - Fuck up)
From: [personal profile] lauand
I fear that our love is impossible! Some of your highest ranked tropes are in my lowest ranked tropes list! XD!

Who would have known...

Date: 2019-02-10 06:55 pm (UTC)
lauand: (Gojyo - Fuck up)
From: [personal profile] lauand
Yes, I sort of took the bait and did it.

I've always wanted to have a trope nemesis! *glopms*

Date: 2019-02-11 10:08 pm (UTC)
theskywasblue: (Default)
From: [personal profile] theskywasblue
I should really go through it again and not pick "I like both" or "no opinion" and see how my results differ. Mostly though, there's no surprise lol.

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