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Because all the sudden, I can't get logged in.

I get the login box and it lets me input my username and password into the fields, but when I click the login button, it's like it just doesn't take. I get a visual cue – the outline of the button changes color – but after that, the phone browser treats it like a piece of text: tries to select it for copying and so on.

I tried doing the least drastic form of cache clearing, and that made no difference. I'm wondering whether AO3 changed something underlying the login.

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At the end of the day, I just want to read some fic, or write some fic. This is not the only way to do it, but AO3 has been at the heart of a lot of my best fic-related experiences lately. So, yeah, I support 'em, warts and all, for this reason:

banner for the Organization for Transformative Works, with the motto Because of the stories

(Yes, it's annual fundraising time for the Organization for Transformative Works.)

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Questions were being asked on the LJ Yuletide comm about importing stories from the old Yuletide archive. An AO3 rep has replied with what amounts to an official FAQ on the subject, which might be of use to many, and not just Yuletide participants.

Read it here.

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If you use any of their sites/services (such as the Archive of Our Own fanworks site), it would be useful (to them) to take the survey.

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I took the OTW Community Survey!

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The amount of Full Metal Alchemist fic has gone up, and Saiyuki is now in the #4 position under "Anime & Manga" instead of the #3!

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