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This has been a very bad year for deaths in SF&F, and the year is not even half over.

My all-out favorite Lee is Kill the Dead: something about the combo of lush spookiness and mordant humor. Parl Dro is one of my favorite characters ever.

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Tanith Lee is an old, old favorite of mine. Sometimes I'm just in the mood for her particular blend of purple prose, fantasy, horror, dark humor, and touches of kink. And I'm not generally a fan of short stories, but this small collection is one to which I return again every year or two. Are these stories fair and worthwhile in their portrayals of the people of India? I don't know: all I can say is that there are both good people and bad in here, and they're well distributed among the nationalities mentioned.

The stories range from the horrific mystery "Bright Burning Tiger" through the sweetly whimsical short fantasy "Chand Veda" to the futuristic title story, in which science and religion intersect. Here's a quick rundown of all seven, with comments.

Read more - may include minor spoilers )

I know, I know - I promised a write-up of Saiyuki Reload 7. The book has gone missing in one of several Sargassos of reading material around the house, and I want to have it in hand while I blog ...   :-(

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