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We have had beautiful weather this weekend, but I haven't taken that much advantage of it. We did walk out for gelato (the Mr.: dark chocolate and hazelnut) and sorbet (me: grapefruit) yesterday afternoon at the neighborhood place (Dolci Gelati), and today we walked to Busboys & Poets for brunch (which has become a near-weekly habit).

I have just finished making 6 quarts of chicken stock. I think this is the best I've made. I used more or less this recipe, which I have bookmarked for later. The main difference between this and what I have made previously is far more carrots (6 instead of 2 or 3) and peppercorns (2 teaspoons); also, leaving the skin on the halved onion, which has an effect on the color. And darn I should have known that (it's one of the common natural fabric dye ingredients, for a golden yellow), and in fact, I remember my late mother doing the same.

The chicken stock is for matzoh ball soup for second seder at my sister's place this coming Saturday. I am the official Matzoh Ball Maker on our side of the family. The first seder will be at our friends Michael and Sharon's. They have asked me to bring a fruit platter, which should be easy, except that I will be working most of Friday. I will try to pick up fresh fruit the night before, I think.

And the Mr. is upstairs doing the taxes, because yes, it's spring. *sigh*

chomiji: Sue from CLAMP's Clover series, with the caption Growing (Sue - growing)

I am wearing flipflops! Because I can!

Backstory: Went to work wearing a 3/4-sleeve cotton sweater, cords, and leather oxfords with socks. Was much too hot most of the day. Presumably the building temperature will rebalance eventually to suit the more moderate temperatures.

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So, here we are, half a week past the Vernal Equinox, and the forecast is calling for snow/rain.

March is supposed to go out like lamb, right? This seems to be the Killer Rabbit version of said lamb ... .

And tomorrow night is the first night of Passover, and we're invited to a Seder at my sister's. Which means we'll be traveling through the weather mess during Rush Hour, because Nice Colleague is out all next week (her young daughter's school is on spring break), so I can't really leave early.

I need to get my act together and go off to the grocery store, to get chicken to make stock, because I have been requested to do matzoh ball soup. I already picked up some fresh dill for it at the Farmers Market.

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The National Weather Service's forecast for DC and vicinity tonight: Chance Rain/Snow; Low 37°F

For Sunday: Partly Sunny; High 80°F

(Typical high and low temps for this time of year: 66°F and 42°F. And no snow.)

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Happy Passover to everyone who is celebrating. I am very full of matzoh balls, gefilte fish, braised lamb, asparagus, tzimmes, and home made hazelnut sponge cake. However, contrary to tradition, I am not drunk because I had to drive home. But there was a lovely, spooky full moon out on the way back, with ragged clouds blowing across it, and spring peepers singing in the ditches as I crossed Rock Creek Park.

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Our office building connects to Union Station, Washington's main RR station. Like most large modern stations, it's like a shopping mall inside, with restaurants and shops, so I usually go there to buy lunch and (before that) to walk rapidly around the ground and upper levels, so that I get a little exercise break.

It's Cherry Blossom Festival, so the place is crawling with tour group mobs, many of them older school children (middle school on up). And their chaperones have enough on their minds that they simply can't seem to keep their mobs from blocking the corridors ... it makes walking more toilsome than it oughter be ...

And of course it's that matzoh time of year again ... when everything's a little more cardboard-y ... .

So all in all, your humble correspondent feels a tendency to bitch-bitch-bitch. > slaps self < Snap out of it!

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So first off we have the ever-popular ...

Signs of Spring

I like spring. Spring works for me. Everything progresses. Things grow and bloom. Birds sing (and sometimes beat each others' brains out - boys!   > rolls eyes <) The days get longer (very important!).

On Saturday the weather was wonderful, soft and warmish, with that great after-a-rain feel, and we had a lovely row of little purple crocus growing along the side of the house.

The yesterday and today - meh. Cold again, and they're calling for snow on Wednesday.

But your days are numbered, Old Man Winter! Saw the writing on the wall this weekend, din'tcha? Nya hah hah!

Next up,

A Certain Sign (Symbol) in Saiyuki Reload

I'm going to be good and use LJ Cut in case this would be a spoiler for anyone. It's Saiyuki Reload vol. 4.

So here's the deal ... )

I shall not mention the Content Mismanagement System at all except to point out that it apparently retained too much memory this morning and had to be restarted. Let this be a warning to all of us ... keep your systems regular, folks ... wonder what the equivalent of oat bran is for a Solaris system?

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