Oct. 13th, 2014

chomiji: Screen shot of my Flight Rising matriarch, Yarok (Flight Rising)

Registration window will close at 5:30 a.m. "server time" (which is, IIRC, U.S. Pacific time) tomorrow morning.

Flight Rising Game Site

chomiji: A chocolate cupcake with a birthday candle and the title Birthday Love! Make a wish ... (birthday love)

I hope you're having the best kind of day!

chomiji: Doa from Blade of the Immortal can read! Who knew? (Doa - books)

Here on LJ or Here on his review site.

His series title, "Because My Tears Are Delicious to You," is for reviews where he revisits a book he read as a young adult and sees how it stands the test of time (in other words whether it has been visited by the Suck Fairy).

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