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Haven't done a meme in, like, forever. I narfed this one from [ profile] oonaseckar.

Using only song names from one artist/band, cleverly answer these questions. Pass this on to 15 people (hey, you guys, do it if it strikes your fancy - that's all!). Try not to repeat a song title.

Pick Your Artist/Band: Billy Joel

Describe yourself: All About Soul

How do you feel: And So It Goes

Describe where you currently live: Sometimes A Fantasy

If you could go anywhere, where would you go: Zanzibar

Your favorite form of transportation: Downeaster "Alexa" [ETA: a "downeaster" is a type of boat, usually a fishing boat ... but hey, it's a boat)

Your best friend is: Uptown Girl (my sister Amy, in this case)

You and your best friend are: Keeping The Faith

What’s the weather like: Scandinavian Skies

Favorite time of day: This Is The Time

If your life was a TV show, what would the title be: A Minor Variation

What is life to you: Everybody Has A Dream

Your relationship: A Matter Of Trust and/or You're My Home

You Fear: I Don't Want To Be Alone

Whee! Hey, I have an alternative call to action for you: link me to a meme that you particularly enjoyed doing, on your journal. Thanks muchly!

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