chomiji: Hakkai from Saiyuki, in a hooded parka. Animated snowflakes fall; caption is A hazy shade of winter (Hakkai - snow)
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And The Mr. for suggesting that we buy Haku in the first place.

My drive back from Katsucon took about 2 hours in the blowing snow and ice (it's normally about 50 minutes). In particular, a local road about 2 miles from our house had plenty of cars with lousy traction stuck at the bottom of hills and spun out along the curb lanes. It took me about 30 min. to go that 2 miles.

We have gale-force winds howling outside (I can also hear the dry snow – and possibly the road salt – being blasted against the outside of the house). I'm praying nothing happens to our power (downed trees falling on wires etc.) as a result, especially since the temperature is dropping rapidly: currently 23°F (-5°C), with forecast low overnight of 4°C (-15°C).

Stay safe and warm, U.S Atlantic coast-state people.

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