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By the end of high school, I was active in the Diplomacy Club (we played the strategy board game Diplomacy), the Science Fiction Club, the school literary magazine, and Stage Crew, where I held the lofty position of Assistant Electrician and got to help order costume supplies from New York, from a real Broadway costume outfit.

On the other hand, inviting friends home was almost impossible (mom needed enough lead time to make everything spotless, and we were always on tenterhooks for her to have a meltdown).

But I had *friends* with whom to share books and music. And a regular babysitting gig. I was able to buy record albums and concert tickets. During this period, acts I saw included Rick Wakeman, Paul McCartney and Wings, Seals & Crofts, and David Bowie. But my favorite act was Queen, recommended by my friend Charles' younger brother. I barely knew the word "androgyny," but there was something very special about Freddie Mercury. A Night at the Opera was *the* album at that point, but "Killer Queen" pretty much sums up what drew me to the band:

Like everyone else in DC (it seemed), I was a fan of "Bohemian Rhapsody," but other favorites from Opera included guitarist Brian May's science fiction ballad "'39," the sweet love song "You're My Best Friend," and the music hall-inspired "Seaside Rendezvous." And Brian May had a university degree in astrophysics! It just didn't get any cooler than that for me at 17.

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