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So on my way to work yesterday, I came up the escalator at the Metro station to find that a train was just pulling in. The guy ahead of me was going slow and blocking my way, so as soon as I got off the escalator, I ran around him and headed for the second car, which drops me off right at the bottom of the stairs at Union Station (where I get off).

As I bounded along, I felt something catch and then pop free at the bottom of my pelvis, where my butt joins my leg. Man, it hurt!

And still hurts, although it's a little better this morning, after some Alleve overnight. From info I found online, it looks like I may have slightly torn the tendon(s) at the top of the various hamstring muscles, which attach at that point.

So here I am, literally butt hurt. Ow.

Gotta remember that I'm too old (or at least, not in good enough shape) to be running for trains. :-(

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It's Monday, and I don't have my dragons to feed and fuss over! I was about to have two nests hatch, too! (One of them was Luneth and Vardina's, [ profile] telophase!)

I haz a sad ... .

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We have an old house, and it has old-house problems, including lots of lousy, ancient wiring. One of the main kitchen circuits can handle only one significant appliance at a time. The tea kettle, the slow cooker, and the rice cooker are all OK, but if you have both the toaster oven and the microwave on, the circuit breaker trips and takes 4 of the 5 ceiling outlets, as well as (ironically) the light near the breaker panel in the basement.

Tonight I was broiling a piece of lamb in the toaster oven and absent-mindedly put some baked sweet potatoes into the microwave to re-heat. After about 30 seconds, the breaker flipped. When I flipped it back on, the microwave came back to life, but the toaster over — didn't.

Goddammit, we've only had the thing for about 3 months!

chomiji: Hakkai from Saiyuki, smiling forcefully, with the caption I'm so happy I could just puke! (Hakkai - so happy (not!))

Part of the reason I am posting this is so that I have all this info in one place.

Cut for many technical details and whining )

Oy vey iz mir. Dammit.

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