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Jan. 21st, 2019 05:33 am
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Hmm. Like, okay, it's a small fandom and all, and I've been updating a new chapter or fic every day for the past week, so doesn't really give people a lot of time to respond. Readers aren't obligated to respond and can do it in what ways is best for them.

But I prefer comments over kudos. I'd turned off the kudos emails because having them come in all the time was just filling my inbox, and when it got collated into one email later on, I wasn't looking at the names anyway. I want a conversation with my readers? Even the people who I can't reply to on are still giving me things to think about, even if I can't tell them.

Aaand yeah, I have similar hits on ffnet, and a much higher response rate. It's a different site culture, I guess? Or fans preferring different things/characters on the sites.

Reviews and conversation are what help me to think of new ideas - I wouldn't have written half of what I have over the years if someone hadn't reviewed something and I was like, 'That's a good point! I should write something about that!'

So, I dunno. I might keep posting on ao3 until I get to the 8k fic I spent a while on and then see how I feel if I want to keep going. I'm doing this for free, but I still want to be 'paid' in a way that is valuable to me, or makes the effort I put in worth it.

There is absolutely zero things for me to watch on youtube, so trying out podcasts! Listening to Victoricity, and liking it so far. :D I'm liking the humour and the narration, and the intrigue of The Tower.

Mild spoilers )

Listen up

Jan. 21st, 2019 04:38 am
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Posted by Mark Liberman

My most vivid memory of being inducted into the U.S. Army in 1969 is learning a new expression. After we were sworn in, an NCO stepped out in front of us and said "Listen up!"  It was obvious what he meant — "attend to instructions from a superior" — and I heard that same phrase a thousand times over the next few months, but I'm pretty sure that I had never heard it in my life before that moment.

The phrase is extremely common these days. There are hundreds of examples in the current news  — one TV station uses "Listen Up" as the title for "your daily go-to source for the latest in weather, news and great lifestyle content to plan your day". Thousands of books have "listen up" in their titles.

So how could I have gotten to the age of 21 without having encountered it?

The OED provides a clue ("Draft additions 1997"):

4.g. slang (orig. U.S. Armed Forces). to listen up, to listen carefully, pay attention. Usually in imperative.

1970 W. C. Woods Killing Zone (1971) ii. 23 Now you men knock off the goddam chatter in there and listen up.
1973 T. O'Brien If I die in Combat Zone vii. 68 I got me two purple hearts, so listen up good.
1980 W. Safire in N.Y. Times Mag. 28 Sept. 16/2 ‘I'm only going to say this once, so listen up.’ A Washington Star sportswriter put that now-hear-this command in the mouth of an imaginary pro-football star.
1986 T. Clancy Red Storm Rising (1988) xix. 244 Listen up, asshole! The guy who knows how to work this damned radio is dead, and I'm all you got.
1988 U. Holden Unicorn Sisters xi. 119 Listen up, that's Captain now.
1992 Metro (San Jose, Calif.) 7 May 37/1 I was struck by the feeling that the violence in L.A. was a graphic and chilling realization of the rage and frustration expressed by rappers..for a long time. Maybe now the suits in Washington will listen up.

The Google Books ngram viewer suggests that "listen up" took off in the 1970s and 1980s:

And the 1980 William Safire column that the OED cites continues:

The expression "listen up" is sweeping the pro-football coaching staffs, and is certain to embed itself in mucho macho lingo this year.

A search of Google Books suggests that the sports usage might be even older than the military one — in Eddie Dooley's 1933 novel Under the Goal Posts we see

His big underslung jaw assumed a deliberate angle. His sharp eyes scanned the faces of his charges. "Listen up!" he barked.


"[…] from now on you're gonna go, go , go until we take Sanford, or my name's not McBrair. We start right now … right here. Listen up now and get these assignments."

But I don't see any other examples in books between 1933 and 1970.

This case illustrates an interesting general point about the meaning of words and phrases. The metaphorical extension of up in listen up is a plausible one. My reaction to hearing it for the first time was just "that's interesting", whereas I would have been seriously puzzled and surprised if the idiom had been "listen down" or "listen out" or "listen over" or "listen on" or "listen off".

But like many "phrasal verbs" (= combinations of verbs and intransitive prepositions), "listen up" is not fully compositional. There's a reason that a web search for phrasal verbs turns up mostly help for L2 learners. And there's a lot to learn — The Oxford Dictionary of Phrasal verbs claims to offer "7,000 British and American phrasal verbs explained in words you understand".

Listen up is in there — but the section on meanings of up doesn't really help, despite listing 13 figurative or metaphorical extensions. (I've given only the headings in the list below, and simplified some of the example sentences):

The literal meaning of up is movement upwards, from a lower to a higher position, so it occurs with many verbs describing movement, such as climb up, jump up, look up, and sit up. It is also used with verbs of lifting to express the idea of raising something to a higher level (for example, pick up, lift up, snatch up). You will also find it used to express the related ideas of 'increase' and 'improvement'.

Increasing: Gas is going up next week.

Improving: Things are starting to look up.

Supporting: I can back up what I said.

Preparing: You should warm up before exercising.

Creating and constructing: She made up an excuse.

Completing and finishing: We have used up our coal reserves.

Damaging and destroying: She tore up the letter.

Stopping, delaying and disrupting: The police broke up the demonstration.

Things happening: A serious problem has come up.

Approaching: I crept up behind her.

Dividing and separating: Slice up the tomatoes.

Gathering and collecting: Can you collect up the glasses?

Fastening: I tied up the parcel.

Quasiregularity (or quasicompositionality) strikes again.


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Title: Pizza Topping
Date/prompt: 20-Jan-2019 "want has no business here"
Fandom: Code Geass
Characters/pairing: C.C./Lelouch
Type/word-count: Humor/kink/romance; about 2000 words
Rating/warnings: Mature for semi-canonical straitjacket play and goofy adult humor.

Pizza Topping at AO3

(no subject)

Jan. 21st, 2019 01:53 pm
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Many of my goals this year are already set amidst the practical - life and lifestyle, career and home - but I can think of a few comfortably low-ball objectives to strive towards on the creative front of 2019:
  • Read 15 books.
    • Write a review for each one, even if it's just brief.
    • Have one be something outside my usual genres.
  • Complete 3 fics.
    • Have at least one be a Finisterre fic.
  • Write at least one rec post each month.
  • Write at least one 100 word drabble each month.


Jan. 20th, 2019 09:53 pm
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Cubase Pro is so much more easier to use than Cockos Reaper it's not even funny. Assuming the government doesn't IMPLODE, I want this. It's not that Reaper is a bad program--it's not. I learned a ton on it, and in fact, the things I learned from it enabled me to figure out Cubase really quickly or else meant that I knew what search terms to Google for to figure out what was foxing me. But Reaper is sort of the Noodler's Ahab of DAWs--it's got a big DIY mindset, super flexible, super customizable, and as a result there are a ton of hoops you have to jump through before it will even make sound, which is very discouraging at times.

Besides installation, the thing that took me longest to figure out, because I wasn't thinking, was installing my plug-ins. It found the ones in the obvious places on my C: drive. HOWEVER. I made several attempts to add the paths of Kontakt instruments on my F: drive (I have a dedicated second drive JUST for software instruments and plug-ins and effects and whatnot). Well, guess what--they're all Kontakt. The issue wasn't trying to get it to recognize the Kontakt instruments directly. All I had to do was find Native Instruments on my C: drive where I'd installed Komplete 8 or whatever those years ago, and once Cubase Pro found Kontakt, I could load up Kontakt and there were all my instruments!

I have a 31-day trial (this is day #1) and I'm going to see how far I can push things this week. I'm really fond of the score editor, which is exactly where you want proportional spacing for easy note entry. I suspect that if you want engraving, you're really better off with Finale or Sibelius or LilyPad or whatever folks are using these days. But face it, no one is going to need sheet music of my cockamamie orchestral pieces and it would honestly be faster for me to hand-write a cockamamie score...

Also also, I still like keyswitches, although at F7 they look hilarious on a bass clef.

For everyone else who could care less about composing, the frivolous thing I bought today was a $20 milk frother. In conjunction with my microwave? It's amazing. I had a to-die-for matcha latte at a cafe in Los Altos called Sweet Shop, and I thought frothed milk would make a great addition to chai and other teas. I tested it today with the Lavender Crème Brûlée that [personal profile] isis sent me and it was so good.

Meanwhile, I guess I haven't really talked to folks about this but the cafe at our library main branch is open! The main branch is in a newer building that was built a couple years ago and came in under budget; I think one of the motivations was more space and more parking space. Anyway, they promised a cafe in the building across from the main library building and for a couple years that space has been empty for reasons beyond my ken. I kept telling Joe that I would believe there was a cafe there the day I bought a sandwich from it and it was in my stomach. Guess what! It was open today. I had a BLT on wheat and share a hot chocolate with Ara, who had a ham sandwich. I am so happy--I already love this library but now it's even better!

Oh, and since we were at Michael's anyway (Ara wanted to look for a particular style of mechanical pencil to replace the nice one she lost), I picked up a 3/4" flat brush, synthetic, for watercolor. :D I'm so excited to finally be able to do washes properly! Joe thought the synthetic was expensive until I told him about Kolinsky sable...

54F - 20F : Cloudy

Jan. 20th, 2019 10:59 pm
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I got to bed around 3:30 this morning, and woke up with my alarm at 11:30. But then, I went to my Torah study, and fell asleep sitting at the table there. I don't even know what we talked about. What a waste of getting up. Then I drove home, while falling asleep, came home and went to bed. Kevin woke me again to tell me the groceries were there, so we put those away. Then I tried to go back to bed but Derek came over, and the dogs would not stop barking at him. Eventually it was about 5 and I got up.

Kevin was fussy like he's just sooooo hungry and it's already 5:00. As if I'd normally start cooking before 6? No. 5 isn't excessively late. But I cooked anyway. And it turned out alright, but I didn't have enough rice so it was kind of small, and we were both hungry afterwards.

After dinner I did all my dailies, and I'm so exhausted I think I'm going to bed now.
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Hello, it's me, coming in a decade late with Starbucks, a book everyone was excited for ages ago, and outdated memes.

I remember when Captive Prince was an online sensation in circles adjacent to mine (it was fun reading familiar usernames in the back of the second volume that I started immediately after I finished the first), but I didn't read it during that time. I bought the first book in 2016 and it sat on my shelf, and we considered each other dubiously until early January. I have tried a chapter of Dunnett and it seems like it would be very neat but there's just so much of it in very tiny print. She's the author I've heard Pacat's work compared to most often so I was all over uncertain. Turns out there was really no reason to be worried because Captive Prince is great (potentially that means I should really give the Dunnett book I have another try). Read more... )
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I am home from Arisia. I'll lobby-con tomorrow if I have the energy, but I am done with my programming. All of it was fun and as far as I can tell it all went well, although I especially enjoyed the memorial for Le Guin, the Yiddish singing, and the Tolkien. I wound up reading new fiction mixed with selections from a borrowed e-book of Forget the Sleepless Shores, since I had sold all the print copies I'd brought with me. The Boston Park Plaza has its problems as a con hotel, but I must say I enjoyed being able to walk two blocks and find restaurants instead of wasteland. The hanging out with [personal profile] ashnistrike, [personal profile] choco_frosh, [personal profile] nineweaving, [personal profile] awhyzip, and some people not on Dreamwidth was very good.

Against all my expectations, my first-generation Sacagawea gold dollar coin has returned to me. It was in the outer back pocket of my computer bag where I don't keep anything. I think it must have slipped out of my coat pocket and into the computer bag. I found it when I was looking for last-ditch cough drops. There it was, brass-gold and a little tarnished, with the familiar face glancing over her shoulder, from 2000. I am keeping it now in an inside pocket of my leather jacket which snaps shut. I don't think I can count on being so lucky again.

As if it was charmed by sympathy out of the overcast, the lunar eclipse is just still visible from our front windows, an ice-white brilliant circle with a distinct dark bite. I have been asking the cats which one of them is eating the moon. [personal profile] spatch says it'll be the one that bleps light.

ETA: Despina Durand reviewed Dreams from the Witch House: Female Voices of Lovecraftian Horror (2016) and she says wonderful things about "All Our Salt-Bottled Hearts":

Sonya Taaffe is easily one of the best contemporary writers of Weird fiction. Her work is often heavy with history—not "heavy," as in cumbersome or excessively dense, but "heavy" in the way anything worth holding sits in the hand.

All that and a blood moon and a talisman returned. I am happy.

A meme

Jan. 20th, 2019 11:55 pm
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The power stayed on all day (*knocks wood*), but the wind and rain warnings are in place for well into the night, so who knows?

My brain is refusing to focus on anything but tab-surfing, so a random (so random!) meme may be as close as I can get to something useful...ish. Snagged from several people!

How old are you? 40.

Tattoos? Five of 'em! Three Newsflesh related (including a matched pair) and two non-geeky ones.

Ever hit a deer? Nope (I can't drive), and I've never been a passenger when that happened.

Ridden in an ambulance? No.

Sang karaoke? Nope. If I were ever going to, it'd have to be the private-room style, but I don't think it's likely.

Ice skated? Yes, but not since I was a kid. And I always liked rollerskating better.

Ridden a motorcycle? No.

Stayed in hospital? I think I was in ICU or something when I was born? (I was a month premature.) Otherwise, no.

Skipped school? Rarely, and only if I had a reason other than "don't wanna go". (Although I skipped the entire second term of my film studies class in undergrad and got an A+, because I actively disliked the instructor and found him boring--the professor who usually taught that class was on sabbatical, and he would've been amazing, so having this random aggravating guy was extra-frustrating--and first term proved that, yes, this dude had genuinely constructed the class so that literally nothing counted toward your mark but essays, which had nothing to do with anything actually covered in class. So fuck that.)

Last phone call? I called my GP's office to reschedule an appointment. Such excitement.

Last text from? Ginny, with a question about a book.

Watched someone die? No humans. Two childhood cats, many years apart.

Pepsi or coke? Coke Classic.

Favorite pie? Lemon meringue.

Favorite pizza? Bacon and mushroom, thickish crust (as long as it's a good crust). Oooh, or Detroit-style. Yum. (Calm down, taste buds. We don't know when we'll next be in Toronto. ;_;)

Favorite season? Autumn in theory, but it's tainted by knowing winter's coming, so summer in practice.

Broken bones? None.

Received a ticket? Nope. Again, I don't drive.

Favorite color? Purple, on the bluer side of its spectrum.

Sunset or sunrise? Sunset. Sunrise is lovely and all, but I never want to be awake for it.

Many recs!

Jan. 20th, 2019 08:54 pm
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Here are a whole lot of post-reveal recs (66, to be exact) from Yuletide this year!

Post #1: Agatha Christie's Poirot, Aliens, American Gods, Anne of Green Gables series by LM Montgomery, Anne with an E, Aubrey-Maturin series by Patrick O'Brien, Bend It Like Beckham, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, Black Books, Blue Beetle, Bridgerton series by Julia Quinn, The Bright Sessions, Buzzfeed Worth It

Post #2: Canadian ice dancing RPF, Captain Marvel, A Charm of Magpies series by KJ Charles, Clue, Deadpool, Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, Fantastic 4 / Into the Spider-verse crossover, Genghis Khan music video, God's Own Country, The Golden Girls, The Great British Bake-Off, Green Men series by KJ Charles, Guardian, Hawkeye, How to Be a Werewolf webcomic, Indiana Jones movies

Post #3: Jessica Jones/Luke Cage crossover, Legally Blonde, The Lion in Winter, Love Simon, Master and Commander, The Mummy, The Nanny, The Road to El Dorado, Saving Face, Schitt's Creek, The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett, Selfie, Singin' in the Rain, Society of Gentlemen series by KJ Charles, Spy, A Study in Emerald by Neil Gaiman, Star Wars: X-Wing series by Michael Stackpole and Aaron Allston, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, To All the Boys I've Loved Before, The Turner series by Cat Sebastian, The Witcher
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Title: Landslide
Author: dontstraytoofar
Canon: Spider-Man/MCU
Pairing: Michelle Jones/Elizabeth 'Liz' Toomes
Rating: General [G]
Word Count: 2,155
Summary: “You know, I could dance with you” It makes Liz look up, confused slightly as Michelle just smiles back. She shrugs once, standing up and holding her hand out to Liz who is still eyebrows furrowed, biting her lip. “I’m a way better dancer than Parker anyways” Or the one where it hurts to be left alone, and Michelle likes Liz's smile.

Recommendation: I'm going to start with how I think it's great that the cast of Homecoming look the closest to actual teenagers of any of the Spider-Man movies to date. And cute. 'Cause that girl didn't deserve to be left all alone. Michelle helps turn the night around.
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This dude:

Now, his stuff on this first page ("Best Match" sorting) doesn't seem too terribly bad. It's not good, but it's not terrible

Keep looking. He has badly-lit photos of dead mice, lots of badly-lit photos of insects, close-up photos of what is either cowshit or horseshit, mating cats, badly cropped photos of random houses, out-of-focus pictures of Christmas ornaments and terrible, terrible, terrible art.

I'd say it was a bot account--there's 33K+ photos in there--but there seems to be too much consistency. Also, HE'S ON SHUTTERSTOCK. Also on ALAMY

This actually gives me hope: I have long-term plans of pumping out a bunch of partial artworks--i.e., not a full scene of a landscape with dragon and castle and knight, but one of just the landscape, and one of just the dragon, etc.--and uploading those to microstock sites and OH GOD I AM SO MUCH BETTER THAN HIM.

(It's possible Shutterstock, Alamy, and Depositphotos are all owned by the same people, and dude is one of the owners, admittedly...)

edit So Toby and I have discussed, and noted that the account has only been active for a few months, and we also recalled that Dr Neal Krawetz, of FotoForensics, has written about Russian drug runners using his photo tool as a way to pass coded messages about drug drops (post 1, post 2), and it makes us wonder if they're doing the same thing here.

current reading

Jan. 20th, 2019 03:51 pm
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partway through
- Matthew Chrisman & Duncan Pritchard, eds. Philosophy for Everyone, 2nd ed. Snagged from my sister because I wanted Philosophy 101 for Hexarchate Worldbuilding Reasons. (Namely: in a police state that has almost no history/memory of human rights or democracy, how would they proceed along those lines? Probably hilariously messily, that's what.)

- The Art of the Business of Fantasy Art vol. 1, ed. [personal profile] ellenmillion. This includes:

* Dawn Obrecht. "Drawing Circular Celtic Knots." (For Celtic knots, I really like Cari Buziak at Aon Celtic Art; she rotates free tutorials on her site, and she's also authored a book on the subject.)

* Annie Rodrigue. "Color Theory."

* Sonia Fedotowsky. "Moon Glow: A Watercolor Walkthrough." Unfortunately she does not specify pigments or the brand, just the names of the paints, although I'm pretty sure Ultramarine Blue is going to be PB29

ETA: Ha, missed one! (It was in my backpack.)

- Winifred Phillips. A Composer's Guide to Game Music. She's very frank about working conditions and clearly loves not just music but games. This is amazing. *looks at Cubase Pro 10 download* Makes me want to jump back into composing!

I haven't finished anything recently, sorry!

Book Logging: Fanfic

Jan. 20th, 2019 04:56 pm
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Long fics read in the last few months:

Note: I'm not listing anything shorter than 5K words because I don't have that kind of time. I'm also not listing anything I didn't finish or didn't enjoy. I recommend these stories if they sound at all to your taste. One or two are WIP which I don't ordinarily list, but they're WIP that I particularly liked.

AJHall. A Vor in Provence )

aloneintherain. journeys to the past )

aloneintherain. yesterday, I saw a change )

calliope85. The Invisible City; or, Dick Mayhew and His Marvellous Cat )

coreomajoris. Murderbot's Accidental Exchange Program )

drayton. False Pretences )

Elenothar. Always comes around again )

EmptySurface. Hear the Silence )

Ferritin4. Hold the Line )

fresne. Parts Unknown: Bajor )

greenkangaroo. Time Travel Tango, or, Rasa and the Cat )

greenkangaroo. Chouji's Fancy Hat )

greerwatson. Hot Buttered Crumpets )

lettered. Let's Stop the Time Warp (Again) )

metisket. There May Be Some Collateral Damage )

Mhalachai. Turn, Archer, and Heed the Wild Hunt )

Neery. Winter's Children )

PitViperofDoom. Yesterday Upon the Stair )

Pohadka. The Job Between Here and There )

rthstewart. The King Under The Mountain )

scioscribe. The Never-Puts-Down-the-Phone Cure )

scioscribe. the real banishment is the family we made along the way )

ShanaStoryteller. Biting Her Tongue )

Silver Queen. Dreaming of Sunshine )

slippin_into_darkness and SpiritsFlame. Satisfaction Brought It Back )

st_aurafina. Every Chambered Cell )

thepartyresponsible. Do Every Stupid Thing )

viridiansky. Rank Yourself Last )

Zelos. Cover Your Tracks )

A random poll

Jan. 20th, 2019 12:22 pm
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I clicked on this article because of the mention of "nude" shopping - disappointingly, they are referring to vegetables, not people - but I went ahead and read it because it was interesting, and I got to this part:

A new refrigeration shelving system for displaying fresh fruit and vegetables was installed along with a process known as 'misting' to help keep items fresh.

... and I thought, wait, is that not a thing everywhere, those water sprayers to keep vegetables moist? Every grocery store I've shopped in since I was a kid had those ... I thought. Or is that only a thing we need here because it's so dry? It's the fact that the article's author felt a need to explain it that made me think these might not be so common as I had always assumed. I always assumed it was basically universal but now I'm curious.

Obviously this would not apply to places like farmer's markets where you have fresh produce in baskets and bins, just to grocery stores with a produce section.

Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 91

Does your local grocery store have water misters to keep the produce fresh?

View Answers

Yes, always
42 (46.2%)

No, I've never seen that
25 (27.5%)

Some do/some don't
24 (26.4%)

I never noticed
0 (0.0%)

Feel free to elaborate in comments.

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Jan. 20th, 2019 09:01 pm
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Back to drawing again but since it's been a couple days, it's mainly relearning all over again while I'm '??? How draw circle' and 'This face is ABSOLUTELY not working'. Much redrawing, haha.


Jan. 20th, 2019 08:37 pm
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Posting because I have been really feeling this song today because of reasons, and because more people should know about Tanya Tagaq:

(IIRC, credit goes to [personal profile] sabotabby for turning me on to her in the first place.)

(no subject)

Jan. 20th, 2019 02:31 pm
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I am so frustrated by Cockos Reaper that I am, at Joe's suggestion, downloading the trial version of Cubase Pro 10 to see if it will (a) work (b) better (c) at all. Joe has pointed out that yeah Cubase may be much more expensive but if it has a smoother workflow, it may be worth it for me. And God knows, my plug-ins and VSTs are MORE likely to be compatible with Cubase than with Reaper...

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