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Mar. 24th, 2019 11:34 am
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(I am in a darkened room drinking tea and hashtag-surfing through pictures of yesterday.)

Petition at 4.9 million. Reminder: anyone who's a British citizen or UK resident can sign it.

Non-UK people: if you have UK people in your social media circles, please consider posting the link to the petition. You can say I told you to.

Piers Morgan is very upset by the petition, which should be sufficient motivation to sign all by itself.

Here is a placard which I did not see in person but which is amaazing:

As always, lots of different estimates of numbers are being sprayed around, but sounds like at least over 1 million people went on the march, and I've even seen one reference to over 1.5 million.

Oh, there might be a Tory coup going on to force May out, btw.

March 23th - lightning fast check in

Mar. 24th, 2019 11:17 am
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Finished the video, uploading it for review as I type this. Daily 5 min of vocabulary.
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Title: Public Display Of Disaffection
Date/prompt: 23-Mar-2019 "Love is egotism of two"
Fandom: (original)
Characters/pairing: (original)
Type/word-count: Humor; 100 words
Rating/warnings: Teen+Up for Worst Meme and mild adult humor.

Public Display Of Disaffection at AO3

March 22-23 check-in

Mar. 23rd, 2019 11:26 pm
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Wrote more on "In All Honesty," which it seems won't be that small after all, something that frequently happens to me. My beta sent me an e-mail that she was busy all week but I can send her the most up to date version of the WIP for this weekend. I also wrote a wee bit more on "A Big Day Out (and In)." Sent both to her tonight.
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Happy spring/autumn, everyone!

We got home from retreat this afternoon, after being gone since Tuesday. The cats (and house) were in truly excellent hands, but both kitties were clearly pleased to see us. Jinksy spent quite a while on my lap getting pets from both of us, but he didn't actually purr for either of us (despite the petting, and despite [personal profile] scruloose toting him around for a while, both of which are things that he was clearly enjoying) until later this evening, when he hung out on my lap at my desk and finally purred up a storm.

I managed to (very roughly) keep up with my DW reading list while we were away, and now I have an alarming number of tabs open (shocking no one). It's a relief to be back to my desktop system and its real keyboard, and now I can start getting used to the new mouse, which arrived the day before we left. (It's weirdly small! Not unusably so or anything--it's no smaller than the little mouse I use with Hardison-the-laptop--but I was not expecting the size at all.)

I'll be back in the office on Tuesday, and in the meantime, manga work has to happen, [personal profile] scruloose and I are hoping to get out to dinner with [personal profile] seascribe, and I'm getting my hair done. (Immediately before work, so I'll undoubtedly be late getting to the office. But my stylist doesn't work until noon, so there's not a lot I can do about that.)

I also really need to order this bathing suit, since it's currently being offered in a limited-edition purple and if I order soon I can get it sent to a US address, which should take at least a bit of the sting out of the cost. I've been eyeing these for a year, so I really don't want to miss the purple; I just hope I can work out the sizing properly. (My clothing sizes above and below the waist are different enough to make buying one-piece things tricky. >.< But I have all the measurements Ginny helped me take when I was ordering eShakti dresses, so I'm aiming to be optimistic.)

Unless I'm completely blanking, I haven't bought a bathing suit in a decade. The last one I remember was right before [personal profile] scruloose, Ginny, and I were in Hawai'i in 2009 (O_O). Last summer, when I actually ventured to the beach for the first time in forever ([personal profile] seascribe was a good influence!), I picked up a sleeved rashguard top (gotta keep the tattoos out of the sun), and that was enough, since I didn't go into the water. But owning a functional bathing suit seems like a good move.

2019 Not Prime Time round

Mar. 23rd, 2019 05:46 pm
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Not Prime Time will be running another round this year. The schedule is:

2019 schedule
April 5 to 15 - Nominations
April 15 to 18 - Corrections
April 19 to 30 - Sign ups
May 3 - Assignments go out by the latest
May 5 - Madness collection and prompts open
July 3 - Stories due
July 13 - Main collection goes live
July 14 - Madness collection goes live
July 21 - Author reveals

Hope to see you there!
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Today was almost ludicrously validating in several different arenas of my life, which is not at all what I expected when I got out of bed this morning. The short course is that my teaching skills have not deserted me, even after a decade rusting and in a field I had never actually taught before, and separately I am looking at a professional opportunity which I am not going to talk about until it has some substance because I don't want to sneeze on it and break it, but the prospect makes me extremely excited. Also people said really nice things about my singing and my writing and they were even different people. I am exhausted but elevated in mood. I am going to pitch over sideways on this couch and stare at a movie or read this book [personal profile] skygiants lent me and play Tacocat's "Grains of Salt" like ten more times.

Fic: Ambitions (Sumerian Myth)

Mar. 24th, 2019 12:02 am
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Fandom: Sumerian Myth
Format: Double-drabble
Warnings: none
Notes: 200 words, based on the myth Inanna and the Huluppu-tree. There are theories that Inanna starts her career as a quite small-scale god who becomes a very powerful deity indeed. The Anzu-bird is probably a personification of lightning, Lilith does indeed seem to start as a Sumerian demon – a major attribute is living in desolate places, as in Jewish thought - and apparently magic serpents living in trees chosen by gods? Well . . .

Ambitions )

New Guardian fic

Mar. 23rd, 2019 04:52 pm
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 I have a lot of Ideas for short little vignettes set at various points in the series. They aren't really enough to develop into a full fic, so I'm posting them as stand-alone chapters under the general title A Variety of Occurrences in Dragon City.

The first chapter is "Shen Wei gives Zhao Yunlan a taste of his own medicine" and features lollipops and exam grading.

The second chapter is "Zhao Yunlan's encounter with Shen Wei's suit and sleeve garters" and features sensual undressing and my ode to Shen Wei's suits. 

There are some spoilers for episodes 34 and 35 in the first chapter, no spoilers in the second chapter. 

Policing women's voices

Mar. 23rd, 2019 10:42 pm
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Posted by Mark Liberman

Katie Heaney, "What Kind of Person Fakes Their Voice?", The Cut 3/21/2019:

There are many fascinating, upsetting details in the story of Elizabeth Holmes, but my favorite is her voice. Holmes, the ousted Theranos founder who was indicted last year on federal fraud charges for hawking an essentially imaginary product to multi-millionaire investors, pharmacies, and hospitals, speaks in a deep baritone that, as it turns out, is allegedly fake. Former co-workers of Holmes told The Dropout, a new podcast about Theranos’s downfall, that Holmes occasionally “fell out of character” and exposed her real, higher voice — particularly after drinking. (Holmes’s family recently denied these claims to TMZ, insisting her voice is naturally low, just like her grandmother’s.)

Heaney links to this 2015 CNBC interview with Jim Cramer, in which Holmes' first extended turn is this:

Her median f0 in that passage is 165 Hz. If we compare that to the distribution of median f0 values for male and female speakers in the TIMIT dataset, which I discussed in "Biology, sex, culture, and pitch" (8/16/2013), we can see that 165 Hx is on the low side for female voices, but definitely above the boundary between the male and female distributions:

As an ironic counterpoint, compare Lake Bell complaining about what she calls "Sexy baby vocal virus", one aspect of which is supposed to be pitching the voice in a fake high register:

Ms. Bell's median f0 in that passage is 154 Hz. Density plots comparing the two women's f0 distributions:

For some general commentary, see "Fresh Air on 'policing' young women's voices", 7/23/2015.

And consider the widespread discussion of the new Q synthetic voice:

If we add Q's distribution to the plot, we can see that both Bell and Holmes are well above Q's "gender neutral" range:

Of course there are lots of gendered aspects of speech besides F0, but …

(no subject)

Mar. 23rd, 2019 03:06 pm
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I am beyond disappointed that apparently Mueller's report to the DOJ does not include any more indictments. This doesn't mean there won't be any (like in SDNY and in NY state courts), but still: I wanted a perp walk for the Trumplings. And that fuckhead Jerome Corsi.

Anyway, yesterday was kind of rough, despite getting props from my boss and leaving the office an hour early. My bus was late, it was raining, the traffic was awful, and so I only got home 15 minutes earlier than I would have if I'd stayed to my regular time.

I'm so tired of this endless dark and rainy winter.

Anyway. Linkspam!

I wandered over to Instagram and got inspired by these photos from yesterday's anti-Brexit march.

This is why 45 is failing to implement his agenda: because they're crap at implementing their agenda. That said, they are still trying to change environmental protections for the worse.

If you want some crunchy fact-based analysis of the political/legal/security situation in the US, you could do far worse than Marcy Wheeler of Emptywheel. This discussion of the failure of the FBI and national security agencies to treat violence in furtherance of white supremacy as terrorism is a good example.

So over the last 24 hours I listened to The Dropout, which was fascinating and horrifying. However it didn't even mention the factoid I learned about Holmes' husky--that she insisted on telling people the dog was a wolf. Which... what the fuck is it with these pathological liars? They lie about everything, including totally bullshit stuff that no reasonable person would bother lying about. Who the fuck cares if your dog is part wolf, what does that even matter?

Except of course it matters to Holmes, the same way the size of the inauguration crowd matters to Trump. They're so fucking insecure they must prop themselves up with the most baldfaced deceptions, and force their coteries to support their claims, no matter how absurd.


This is a pretty entertaining piece about a guy who rode an electric scooter as far as he could into a National Park. (Via Metafilter)


I'm not gonna post anymore about Francis Spufford apparently failing to discover that fanfiction is a thing before getting a glowing profile in The Guardian, but I admit I wouldn't mind reading the thing. Can someone send him an invite code to AO3 and walk him through the upload process?


I hope everyone on the Viking Sky stays safe, that seems like a horrifying situation. And airlifting individuals off by helicopter is itself a dangerous and scary thing to be doing: props to the rescuers.
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Posted by Ampersand

  1. Why it’s fine to cast POC actors in traditionally white roles, but bad to cast white actors in POC roles, explained with a jar of chocolate covered raisins.
  2. Wilbur Ross broke law, violated Constitution in census decision, judge rules – The Washington Post
    “Ross claimed he was acting at the request of the Justice Department in the interest of enforcing the Voting Rights Act. In reality, the “evidence establishes” that the voting rights explanation was just “a pretext” and that Ross “acted in bad faith” when he claimed otherwise. He pursued the citizenship question after hearing from then-White House adviser Stephen K. Bannon and Kris Kobach, the vice chair of Trump’s now-disbanded voting fraud commission.”
  3. Volunteers Sentenced for Leaving Food and Water for Migrants in the Arizona Desert – Hit & Run :
  4. Federal judge shuts down Trump administration’s discrimination against children of same-sex couples.
    “U.S. District Judge John F. Walter of California rejected the State Department’s startling assertion that a married gay couple’s son was born ‘out of wedlock’ and thus is ineligible for citizenship.” Fucking hell, what asshats. They’d go back to putting people in jail for gay sex in a second, if they thought they could get away with it.
  5. Women Do Ask for More Money at Work. They Just Don’t Get It.
    These findings contradict some well-known earlier studies; this study’s different findings could be because it compares men and women in similar jobs. “Previous studies that reached the “women don’t ask” conclusion often failed to account for certain types of jobs (and industries) being dominated by one gender, focusing instead on the overall number of men or women who’d reported salary negotiations, which — given the number of women who work jobs with ‘non-negotiable’ salaries — skewed their findings.” (Alternative link.)
  6. The girl who executed Nazis after seducing them in bars dies aged 92 – NZ Herald
    It’s hard not to wonder what I would have done if I had been around then. I’m certain I would not have been this courageous.
  7. In a first, U.S. calls on German banks to close BDS accounts – BDS – Jerusalem Post
    The ongoing opposition to free speech on this issue is mind-boggling.
  8. “The Tragedy of the Commons” is a terrible and racist paper.
    “…we’ve let a flawed metaphor by a racist ecologist define environmental thinking for a half century.”
  9. It’s time to stop calling climate activists hypocrites | Ricochet
    I sometimes consider doing a cartoon on this subject, except that Matt Bors has already done the perfect cartoon on this subject.
  10. Cultured meat will now be regulated by the FDA and USDA – Vox
    Interestingly, this is regulation that lab-grown meat makers are really happy about. (Because it reassures investors.)
  11. The American Family Act, Democrats’ dramatic plan to cut child poverty, explained – Vox
    It can’t pass while the Republicans hold the Senate and White House, but it’s still good to get this on the Democratic policy agenda. The plan would pay all households (except rich households) $250-$300 per child, every month. “Poverty among children would fall from 14.8 percent to 9.5 percent, meaning 4 million kids would escape poverty. Deep poverty — the share of kids living on half the poverty line or less — would fall almost by half, from 4.6 percent to 2.4 percent.”
  12. The Curious Career of Martin Brest | Dirk Knemeyer
    The director of “Beverly Hills Cop,” “Midnight Run,” “Scent of a Woman,” “Meet Joe Black” and the famously disastrous “Gigli”… and although there are rumors, no one actually seems to know where his is now.
  13. (132) Robocalls: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) – YouTube
    I thought this one is unusually funny – especially his discussion of why he won’t use snail mail, which begins at about 8:10.
  14. ‘Whores But Organized’: Sex Workers Rally for Reform | by Molly Crabapple | NYR Daily | The New York Review of Books
    There’s nothing new here in terms of policy proposals. But the inroads into getting support from politicians seem new to me. I’m disappointed that NY NOW rallied against the NY decriminalization bill.
  15. Very good twitter thread by Alexandra Erin on the limits of smoking guns.
    “I am convinced that no scene in any superhero movie is less realistic than Batman Returns when Batman plays Penguin saying ‘I played this city like a harp from hell!’ for Gotham and they turn on him, instead of saying ‘You don’t understand his humor.'”
  16. (132) Flight of the Conchords- Albi The Racist Dragon
    Funny parody of stupid fake liberalism. I came to this via Lindsey Ellis’ evisceration of the Beauty and the Beast live-action remake.
  17. Alan Krueger was the rare economist whose work improved the lives of millions.
    Dr. Kruger’s research on the minimum wage has been cited on “Alas” many times over the years. He was crucial to the practice of natural experiments to economics. Kruger, who advised both the Clinton and Obama administrations, was only 58, and his final book, on economics and pop music, is scheduled to be published this summer.
  18. Ramsey Orta filmed the killing of Eric Garner — and police and prison guards have punished him for it -Chloé Cooper Jones
    Content warning for prisoner abuse. A long, depressing read.
  19. Men’s Rights Firm Teases ‘Hot New Girlfriend’ In Ad Somebody Thought Was Cool | Above the Law
  20. A short video by a group of female animators about standing up against a serial harasser in the animation industry.
  21. How the CDC’s opioid prescribing guideline is harming pain patients – STAT
  22. 3 Ways John Wick is Deeper Than You Realized – Kiva Bay – Medium
    Interesting stuff about the use of color, and the symbolism of cars, in the first John Wick film. (I wouldn’t call it deep, but I love that film.)
  23. What Referendum? Florida GOP Set to Exclude Up to 80% of Felons From Voting
    The law requires all court fees and fines – which can be very high (“As the WLRN report detailed, any conviction for drug trafficking—even a low-level, non-violent conviction—carries a mandatory fine of $25,000 to $500,000 per count”) – to be paid before voting rights are restored. Basically, a poll tax.
  24. Voting Rights Roundup: Iowa GOP wants to legally ban many students at public colleges from voting
    Unless the students sign a statement saying they intend to remain in Iowa after graduation. But private college students don’t face this requirement.
  25. This Cohen hearing fight was everything wrong with how America talks about “racism” – Vox
  26. Neoliberalism has conned us into fighting climate change as individuals | Martin Lukacs | Environment | The Guardian
  27. A Rediscovered Portrait of Harriet Tubman Is Unveiled
  28. Mesa Airlines Flight Attendant Held by ICE for two months Has Been Freed – but could still be deported.
    She’s lived in the US since she’s a toddler, married to an American, works and pays taxes – but ICE is still trying to deport her to Peru, and might succeed. There is no logic here, no rationality – just bigotry. But this is what the Republican party wants our country to be; this is the issue, more than any other, that Trump ran on.
  29. Opinion | Getting Rid of the Electoral College Isn’t Just About Trump – The New York Times
    None of the arguments for the electoral college are true. (Alternative link.)
  30. Tell Me I’m Fat – This American Life
    I thought this episode of This American Life was really good. I was especially struck by “act 2,” in which Elna Baker, who lost 110 pounds and kept it off, discusses her experience.
  31. ‘Shrill’: A Fat Girl’s Review of Aidy Bryant Show – Variety
    I think this review is very accurate, including how painful watching the first few episodes can be (despite the funny). I loved the show. (Show trailer.)
  32. Shrill Accused of Plagiarizing Pool Party Scene. But is it a coincidence? | IndieWire
    Yes, it’s a coincidence. One thing I’ve learned from political cartooning is that basic ideas are thought of by different people independently ALL THE TIME. And sometimes those people publicly accuse you of plagiarism. (Also, the pool party scene, in episode 4, is amazing – the best scene of a good series).
  33. How ‘Shrill’ Made Aidy Bryant’s Best Outfits From Scratch
    Because they had to, because they couldn’t find the clothing they wanted in Bryant’s size. (Alternative link.)

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Maybe I'll think of something with enough cookbook flipping.


Read more... )
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Posted by Mark Liberman

From "CLAUDE E. SHANNON: An Interview Conducted by Robert Price, 28 July 1982":

[Shannon is talking about a visit to Alan Turing in Manchester in 1950.]  So I asked him what he was doing. And he said he was trying to find a way to get better feedback from a computer so he would know what was going on inside the computer. And he’d invented this wonderful command. See, in those days they were working with individual commands. And the idea was to discover good commands. And I said, what is the command? And he said, the command is put a pulse to the hooter, put a pulse to the hooter. Now let me translate that. A hooter is an English, in England is a loudspeaker. And by putting a pulse to it, it would just be put a pulse to a hooter. Now what good is this crazy command? Well, the good of this command is that if you’re in a loop you can have this command in that loop and every time it goes around the loop it will put a pulse in and you will hear a frequency equal to how long it takes to go around that loop. And then you can put another one in some bigger loop and so on. And so you’ll hear all of this coming on and you’ll hear this “boo boo boo boo boo boo,”[CS vocalizing in a sing-song fashion] and his concept was that you would soon learn to listen to that and know whether when it got hung up in a loop or something else or what it was doing all this time, which he’d never been able to tell before. That was a great idea, but I don’t think it was really a very good idea. That command seems to have disappeared from the vocabulary. [laughs]

These days you'd just have the program write out status updates, I guess.

There was a time when the state of your program could be seen (and modified!) via a large panel of blinking lights connected to register bits and other things, as in this picture of the operator's panel for the DDP-224 we used at Bell Labs when I first worked there (shown behind Laurie Spiegel in another image):

When we switched to a PDP-11, whose console was less informative and also was in another room, someone arranged to place two cables next to each other — one of them connected the computer to the external disk drive (a machine about the size of a washing-machine that could store a full 1.5 megabytes), and the other one provided input to an amplifier connected to the audio output system.

Through the magic of electromagnetic induction, we could then hear variable-rate clicking and chittering and humming as the machine went through various stages of a process.


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Or rather: Kidnapped: Being Memoirs of the Adventures of David Balfour in the Year 1751: How he was Kidnapped and Cast away; his Sufferings in a Desert Isle; his Journey in the Wild Highlands; his acquaintance with Alan Breck Stewart and other notorious Highland Jacobites; with all that he Suffered at the hands of his Uncle, Ebenezer Balfour of Shaws, falsely so-called: Written by Himself and now set forth by Robert Louis Stevenson.

The only Stevenson I'd previously read was The Strange Case of Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde for school. I picked this one up because [personal profile] sanguinity had great prompts for it in her Chocolate Box letter, and I wasn't feeling the fandom we matched on. I thought, Oh hey, Victorian YA that's supposed to be slashy, that sounds fun. I think I had it conflated with Treasure Island though.

About a third of the way in, I was messaging my wife, "This is not slashy. There are no pirates. No one's been kidnapped. Why is everyone Scottish? What is this book?"

Fortunately right after that, the guileless young true heir was packed onto a ship and about to be transported to the Carolinas as an indentured servant (the involuntary kind), and I said out loud, "Murdered by pirates is good."

Shortly following that, the other half of the slash ship showed up, in a ship, and I texted my wife, "Gay or European?"

The rest of the book is the delightful back and forth between the impossibly flamboyent Alan, an honour-obsessed Jacobite and total fop, and the stolidly pragmatic Lowlander David who just wants to go home, man, but is also a little bit falling in love. This includes fleeing across the heather, constantly sharing the one coat they have to sleep under, sparring practice, fainting, illness, faking fatal illness to resolve an arguement, screaming arguments about honour, challenges to duels, and a lot of h/c. It's total tropes with id sauce for the last third. If I'd read this when I was 12, I'd have imprinted on it like a baby chicken.

There's also like politics and stuff, but who cares?

I have written the only fic for this ship in existence. I realise that David is seventeen at the start of the book, but honestly.


Mar. 23rd, 2019 04:46 pm
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Total marchers may have hit a million.

Petition at 4.4 million 4.5 million 4.6 million, says [ profile] UltraButt.
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Fandom: Hetalia
Characters/Pairings: Russia/China
Rating: G/SFW

Summary: "The poster for 2019 RoChu tea party( in Beijing )... this year’ s theme is “望”(look/gaze far into the distance/hope/expect/longing/…)"

Why is it the BEST THING EVER: It's simply gorgeous, okay (which is typical of this artist's stuff). The lighting, the colour - the impressionistic way they painted the cascading vegetation reminds me of Monet's work.

Fanwork Links:

(no subject)

Mar. 23rd, 2019 09:27 am
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I am on a really enjoyable streak of books that are extremely good and also extremely gay! The difference with Zen Cho's The True Queen is that I was quite sure before I began it that at least the first part would be true based on how much I consistently love everything Zen has ever written, and my expectations were very much lived up to.

The True Queen is set in the same magical-Regency world as Sorcerer to the Crown, Zen's first novel -- although I feel a bit strange now describing it as magical-Regency because The True Queen has a scope much broader than Britain. In fact the book begins in Janda Baik, Malaysia, where amnesiac probably-sisters Muna and Sakti have washed ashore and been taken under the wing of everybody's favorite strong-minded elderly witch Mak Genggang. Sakti has a vast amount of magic and self-confidence and also a curse; Muna has none of those things but she does have a deal of good sense that Sakti is in sore need of, which is enough to land her the role of primary protagonist!

However, Muna's good sense is not quite enough to prevent Muna and Sakti from getting themselves into such a Serious Scrape such that the only course is for them to be sent far away to England, where Sakti can participate in a magical exchange program at a school for young ladies set up by Prunella Gentleman, the British Sorcerer Royal (formerly seen as one of the primary protagonists in Sorcerer to the Crown).

Unfortunately, various intersecting plots interfere with this plan, including:

- mysterious disappearances
- stolen magical artifacts
- an irritable polong who just wants to steal
- complex internecine Fairy politics
- a distressed dragon's efforts to rescue his moderately less distressed (but still imperiled) boyfriend
- An Extremely Powerful Aunt
- and, as is inevitable in any plot about amnesiac sisters, Muna and Sakti's own secret identities, and how that impacts their relationship with each other

Like Sorcerer to the Crown, The True Queen is a delightful Regency romp that steadfastly refuses to ignore the imperialism that Regency romps most often prefer to skate quickly over. However, for all that much of the book takes place in England, Muna's world and concerns generally lie well outside of it and so the impact on her and the book as a whole is quite different -- there's some very good stuff about this in a recent interview, but overall it makes for a book that is both very satisfying and very satisfyingly different than the first. Strongly recommend both!

Letter Reminder

Mar. 23rd, 2019 09:07 am
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Hey everyone, I hope everything is going wonderfully so far!

This is a quick reminder that if you linked a letter in your signup, and haven't yet completed it, please do so as quickly as possible. Your writer or artist may very well be waiting until your letter is completed to start on their assignment. Once your letter is complete, feel free to add it to the Letter Post!

In other news, a kind soul made a spreadsheet with people's signup information! Request Spreadsheet. You can use Ctrl+H to search for tags or anything else you might be interested in treating!

We also still have four three more pinch hits ( #8, #9, #11, and #19) located in this post

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