Date: 2017-05-26 06:18 pm (UTC)
macavitykitsune: (Default)
Hi!!!!! I'm so sorry I fell off the planet! I was just heading to your profile to message you, because we just got two cards from you (the one from nearly a year ago, and the holiday card) and they're so cool and lovely!! :) Sorry, I'm very incoherent right now. We were both really puzzled that we got two cards from you, but seeing the insane timestamps on when the cards were sent out and when we got them, we figure it must have gone to one of our neighbours instead, and they only just put it in our mailbox. (We live in a 4-plex, this happens more often than you'd think -_-.)

I did read The Raven Cycle recently, and without spoilering you for the end of TRK, I did enjoy it very very much, and was quite satisfied with the ending, barring a couple of minor grumbles (but you know me, Minor Grumbles is my band name, etc). I'd love to talk about the series with you if you'd like :)
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