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chomiji ([personal profile] chomiji) wrote2017-01-18 07:46 am
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Embarrasing Injury

So on my way to work yesterday, I came up the escalator at the Metro station to find that a train was just pulling in. The guy ahead of me was going slow and blocking my way, so as soon as I got off the escalator, I ran around him and headed for the second car, which drops me off right at the bottom of the stairs at Union Station (where I get off).

As I bounded along, I felt something catch and then pop free at the bottom of my pelvis, where my butt joins my leg. Man, it hurt!

And still hurts, although it's a little better this morning, after some Alleve overnight. From info I found online, it looks like I may have slightly torn the tendon(s) at the top of the various hamstring muscles, which attach at that point.

So here I am, literally butt hurt. Ow.

Gotta remember that I'm too old (or at least, not in good enough shape) to be running for trains. :-(

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[personal profile] ezrablue 2017-01-18 01:41 pm (UTC)(link)
Oh no, oh gosh, that's awful! I'm so sorry! I think the only real way to heal up a muscle injury is to rest the muscle, and to alternate cold and heat as needed. It's not even a matter of being old or in shape -- it just happens sometimes, so don't blame yourself. Take care of that hamstring, you only get the two!
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[personal profile] meicdon13 2017-01-20 05:24 am (UTC)(link)
That sounds horrible DDD: did you get it checked out?