Jan. 16th, 2016

chomiji: Sanada Yukimuka and two of his Juuyuushi - trusted warriors - with the caption All in the Family (family - juuyuushi)

We never have Christmas with the Mr.'s family on the actual day, because our brother-in-law (married to the Mr.'s sister) is a minister (formerly Lutheran, now Episcopalian) and he is always too busy. So we've taken to having it on M.L. King Day weekend.

Cut for more and a couple of pictures of the weather )

In related news, I have leveled up in Waze and am now a Waze Warrior, so my icon on the map has a little shield. I go up very slowly in Waze because I only use it on expeditions of some length, when someone else is driving.

Also, I got a couple of late holiday cards in the last few days, including a very cute handmade one from Spain.   :-) (You know who you are!)

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